Beauty glow is a MINERAL based powder that reacts to your skin tone and gives a natural healthy glow. There's no need to pick a shade ... beauty glow does the work for you it looks totally different on everyone ! And the amazing quality of Bg is the versatility - it's 6 in ONE use as a foundation , blusher , eyeshadow, lipstick, nail varnish, and all over body bronzer.
The worlds first circular vented hair brush , anti static and heat resistant Detangler ... blow dries in half the time of a regular brush. The circular shape allows you to create spiral curls on both wet or dry hair.
No ABSOLUTELEY not and proud to say !
12 /18 months... remember a little goes a long way. Unlike liquid foundations BG will not congeal and has a shelf life once opened of 24 months. Loose pot is for your bathroom collection , to use as a body bronzer. Compact with mirror is compressed and perfect to pop in your handbag
Twirl curl is the MOST versatile hair accessory in the world !! The wire inside the velour headband allows you to create at least 6 different looks in seconds! without the use of pins and grips.! Low or high buns ,French pleat, retro or pony loop there truely is a style and look for any length of hair or age and ABSOLUTELEY no need to book a trip to the salon .. you can follow the instruction booklet in the convenience of our own home.
We are extremely proud to say made in the uk!